Thursday, August 9, 2007

SO....decided to do this blog thing.....feeling inept, got a lot to learn, like a real LOT......but I have a lot to share so I really got to do this.....I picked'Can't Steal My Joy' because that is my mantra and it's what I teach these kids o'mine.....happiness truly resides on the inside, so nobody can take that from you, lessn' you let 'em.....that's what I've learned in these 39 years.....all the peace and joy I've got came the hard way, unfortunately, but God's plans are for me, and He's given me all this peace and joy, and the ability to keep on 'cause He's taught me that this joy that's on the inside of me came from Him anyway.....that's my life lesson, if you need me to sum up all that I have learnt in this lifetime, and I ain't that good with math, but if I had to roll it all up in one big ol' ball, that would be it:
....and secondly, my hubby had a bit to do with this, my having JOY that can't be taken away....he's all about self-development, constantly evolving, all the time & he's my best friend, my lover, my cheering squad, and a good daddy, all wrapped up in one really cute that's my first post....HOW'D I DO?